PinkAppleJam @ UK events 2017 and 2018

Past events ::  Ayacon, Amecon, AmeChibi, AnimeCon 2001, Minamicon, DokiDoki Festival, Japan Expo (Paris), Hyper Japan, Thought Bubble, MCM London Comic Con [was: MCM London Expo], MCM Midlands (Telford), ShinNenKai 2,  London Anime Con, CamCon, Golden Festival (Cambridge), Will Adams Festival (Kent), Japanorama (Leicestershire).


What can I commission your work for, Laura? :: How do you charge for commissions? :: Can you work outside Cambridge? :: Could you draw me a picture? 

I occasionally take on paid commissions for illustration work, but I am taking a break from drawing for others for the timebeing as I want to concentrate on my personal works for a time. Thanks for your support! I mainly post my art on Instagram, DeviantArt and Facebook. If you use those sites please feel free to follow :)

If you are an artist and want to do an art swap, or if you make comics and want to swap comic issues, get in touch!

How many years' experience have you had?

I have delivered demonstrations and talks since 2005; publishing comics since the 90's; involvement in video game artwork since 2002. I have written articles and illustrated fanzines since the 90's as well, and have had works published professionally since the early 2000's, mainly contributing to Japanese culture outlets and How To Draw Manga books.

Can I use your art on my site/blog?

Please email me first with your plans, we can discuss what you require further. Thanks!

How long have you been drawing?

Since 1992, but I sat down and properly concentrated on making comics since 1994. I also went to University in 1999-2002 to study Illustration and Animation. I have freelanced off and on pretty much since graduating.

Pink Apple Jam - what is that, exactly?

It's a cute and yummy thing, with a sharp aftertaste. Actually I made it up in 1995 when I was at school (when I started making my own comics on photocopiers).

Favourite materials?

Natural Media :: A4 paper, soft coloured pencils, brush pens, any fineliners, markers, really small correction fluid pens, cute plastic erasers...

Digital Media :: Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Paint Tool SAI.

Thank you for reading and for your support!