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Biomecha Book 2 is an interesting ride for me. I finished the content for Book 1 before I went to university and decided to continue with the story and characters with Book 2 after writing some short story chapters (Thought, Colour and this prologue). In the early-mid 90's, Biomecha Book 1 was created using manual art materials and I had been mainly inspired by a strong (but concentrated) type of comic book - mainly shonen and seinen Japanese comic books, popular in Japan in the late 80's.

From the late 90's onwards, I had been exposed to a massive influx of newly translated types of stories and comics that were published at the time, as well as meeting new people who had similar interests - technology had changed too, so the start of Book 2 tackled use of digital lettering, speech bubbles and digital tones. I had positive and negative experiences due to the vast exposure of new people and new comics... those experiences combined created an unfiltered and not wholly focused output, and I was never really comfortable with the first half of this compilation, so only a small print run of each chapter was printed (in single issues) of each chapter, from 2002-2010.

The first half of Biomecha Book 2 is translating *myself* from that time, refining digital procedures, story ideas and techniques I picked up back then, when they were new. So again, this book is pure experimentation output - with the second half finally realising what it wants to be, and having the ending to the series, Book 3, finally consolidating itself in my head. I've carried the ending around with me for such a long time, it needs to get out...

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:: Biomecha Book 2 Prologue ::

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