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Hello and welcome to my website! I am Laura, a UK freelance illustrator, cartoonist, artist and designer. PinkAppleJam is the online name I use for my various illustration & personal work projects.

My work has been published via Letraset, Sheffield's Corporation nightclub, Shout Magazine, the UK Japanese Embassy, Tokyopop, NEO Magazine plus many other publishers. I have developed artwork and concepts for online games, indie shops, flyers and numerous other art projects over the years.

The culture of making comics is very important to me. I have produced a number of comic works, including stories featured in Sweatdrop Studios’ anthologies, Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga UK & IR, and Neo Magazine's manga competition, sponsored by Stabilo.

My goal is to continue making indie art projects and comic books. I continue to publish Biomecha, which was one of the UK's earliest forays into Japanese-inspired indie comics, supported by Patreon donations and also funded via sales of my artwork through Etsy.

Thanks for looking! Enjoy your stay!


  • Biomecha Comic :: Weekly updates of my long-running comic!
  • Etsy :: Laura’s things for sale! Stuff to buy, as advertised in the banner.
  • Patreon :: Ongoing support for comic creation! My $5+/month Pledgers get emailed unique and daft comic-related fun anecdotes.
  • Instagram :: Hipster filters make my sketches look a lot better! :D
  • Facebook Art Page :: News and updates of my artwork and projects.

Art extras

  • DeviantArt :: Reserved for uploads of incredibly old & cheesy fanart. Know your roots!
  • Tumblr :: This website, but in Tumblr format.
  • Twitter :: Used for comic talk, nonsense and usually pictures of cats.

Info extras

  • Comicsy :: Similar to Etsy, but only for comics.
  • Wikipedia :: It'sa mee!
  • LiveJournal :: Ramblings of a fannish nature, usually about Japanese pop-culture.