Biomecha is an intermittently-published comic by Laura Watton that combines science fiction with romantic comedy. Launched in 1995, it was one of the earliest British comics to be inspired by Japanese manga. (From Biomecha's entry in the UK Comics Wikia.)

Thank you for checking out my comic! Biomecha is a long-running UK self-published comic that has been stylistically influenced by many years of Japanese pop-culture media. It started in the 90's and has followed me through school, college, Uni and my postgrad working life. It's a story of a random friendship group, trying to deal with stuff that isn't immediately obvious; it is a mashup of sci-fi and some moments of romance, too.

It has been an experiment where I learnt how to tell stories using comic format from scratch, and I use it to this day to explore different comic mediums. Artwork-wise, the entire story went from being completely hand-drawn (including hand-cut pattern tones and printed lettering from Word via Windows 486 PC) and manually photocopied/stapled, to being constructed almost entirely digitally using Photoshop, Illustrator, Manga Studio and utilising digital print formats available online. 

The story will conclude with Book 3, but until then please feel free to take a look at Books 1 and 2 via digital and print media. Support for this comic is assisted by generous Patreon donations, purchases of printed materials and goods, via my Etsy, Comicsy and Patreon pages, so please take a look when you get chance.

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Biomecha Book 2 - Chapters 5-8 - online via Patreon

Book 2 is being read by Patreon supportors - newly edited and uploaded content is released each month.

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Biomecha Book 2 print version ETA - Due end of 2016

Biomecha Book 3 - Due late 2018